Sony / Murata US18650 VTC6 3000mAh - 30A

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Sony / Murata US18650 VTC6 3000mAh - 30A:


 Lithium-ion battery Sony Konion VTC6 is the latest battery from Sony. The battery may only be used in suitable battery carriers with protective electronics.

High Drain
Flat positive pole
no memory effect
battery in the color green
The battery may only be used in suitable battery carriers with protective electronics.

Lithium battery safety instructions:

1, Use only the original charging cable to charge the battery.
2, Never charge the battery unattended.
3, Do not charge the battery on flammable or near flammable objects.
4, Do not try to open the battery and make sure that the battery is not damaged.
5, The battery should only be transported in a suitable transport box and never loose in your pocket.

Manufacturer: Sony
Max. Discharge current: 30A
Final discharge voltage: 2.0V Nominal
voltage: 3.6V - 3.7V
Battery capacity : 3120mAh Plus
pole: Flat (flat top)
Protection circuit: unprotected / unprotected
Height: 65mm +/- 0.15mm
diameter: 18, 2mm +/- 0.05mm
Weight: 45g
Chemical composition: LiNiMnCoO2

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