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This is a tricky question because there are different rules for each airport and each airline. Mostly there is a designated area for smokers / vapers where you can vapen without difficulty.  The lifestyle of Vaper is a gentler and more invisible alternative to conventional smoking. The Vapers would like to take their steam products with them when traveling. So, whenever you travel, you have to do a few things. In order not to be punishable, you should first check whether it is acceptable to take the e-cigarette on holiday.  The e-liquids have been stored in small vials of max. 100 ml and in a clear bag in your hand luggage. The bag must be taken out of your hand at the security checkpoint. If the bottle contains more than 100 ml, it will be removed for safety reasons as it violates the rules. If you plan to travel with large e-liquid mehr ...

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